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Embrace the opportunity to explore death in a supportive community that values honest discussions and meaningful connections.
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What is a Death Cafe?
Discover the unique experience of Death Cafe – a global movement where individuals come together to engage in open and non-judgmental conversations about death. It's a safe space to share, learn, and connect!
The Death Cafe model, pioneered by Jon Underwood and Sue Barsky Reid, draws inspiration from the ideas of Bernard Crettaz. Originating in London in 2011, this movement has since expanded globally, with Death Cafes now thriving in various locations around the world.
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Our Cuenca Monthly Gatherings

We make it easy to schedule a session that aligns with your needs


05:30 PM
Second Monday of the month
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C. Mariscal Lamar 14-25


06:30 PM
Last Friday of the month
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Carlos Rigoberto Vintimilla 3-114
What to Expect:
Anticipate engaging discussions, shared stories, and a judgment-free zone where everyone's thoughts and experiences are valued. Death Cafe sessions provide a unique opportunity to confront taboos surrounding death and leave with a greater appreciation for life.
Get Involved!
Ready to be part of the Death Cafe movement? Join our upcoming sessions, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to a community that values the richness of life's journey. Your participation adds depth to the conversation.
Group of people smiling after Death Cafe Session
People would think that on Death Cafes there are just moments of tears, but there is also moments of joy and laughter and inspiration. I just can't recommend enought to join one of these sessions, you will not be disappointed.


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