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As we continue on this meaningful journey, we are profoundly grateful for the support and enthusiasm that fuels our project.

Our commitment to you remains steadfast. We pledge to provide the best resources, guidance, and opportunities for dialogue that will enhance our collective understanding of life and death. We are dedicated to rigorously seeking and evaluating the finest resources and service providers in the realm of end-of-life planning, ensuring that our community in Cuenca can trust the information and support we provide.

Michelle Puga

Founder of Death Talk Cuenca


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We envision a society where discussing death is a natural and constructive part of life. Through education, collaboration, and advocacy, we aim to eliminate fear and stigma associated with death, fostering a culture that embraces the value of preparing for the inevitable. We seek to transform the narrative around end-of-life discussions and planning, promoting a holistic approach to living well until the very end.


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We believe that embracing conversations about death can profoundly enrich our lives. Our mission is to cultivate a community that encourages open dialogue surrounding mortality, providing support, resources, and guidance for end-of-life planning. We strive to empower both expat and local communities to approach death with awareness and preparedness, ultimately enhancing the quality of life.
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Peace of Mind

Ensure your legal affairs are in order and your wishes are respected, reducing stress for you and your family.
A hearth formed by to hands shaking

Caring Support

Compassionate and professional care so you can focus on what truly matters during this important phase of life.

Tailored Guidance

Services personalized to your needs, providing a holistic approach that aligns with your values and aspirations.
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Options that are environmentally friendly. Leave a legacy that's both meaningful and kind to the Earth.


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Life Urns provides Eco-Friendly Urns for a Green Burials that are kind to the Earth.

Vero Falconi

Owner - Grief Therapist
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Providing support on the End of Life process and planning with love and respect.

Sofia Plonsky

Owner - Death Doula
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Provide legal advice and services related to the End of Life process in Ecuador.

Wolfram Palacios

Lawyer - End of Life


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